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Become a Family Medicine Physician at MHC

MHC Healthcare Family Medicine Residency Program consists of a 4-4-4 community-based model located in Marana, Tucson, and the surrounding communities. Our residency program offers residents the opportunity to provide care to an underserved and diverse population of patients. As a Federally Qualified Health Center, MHC Healthcare plays an important role in delivering health care services that are cost-effective, accessible and affordable, which is an underlying concept within the mission and vision of our residency program. The MHC Healthcare Family Medicine Residency Program prepares resident physicians to become competent, innovative and effective providers who are passionate about community medicine.


Why MHC Family Medicine Residency Program?


MHC Healthcare Family Medicine Residency Program faculty are committed to addressing the increased demand for primary care physicians in community health centers by offering residents an engaging community-based learning experience. MHC Healthcare faculty are dedicated to teaching residents the skills and knowledge necessary to become compassionate and proficient family physicians.


The family medicine residency program was designed to challenge residents with a variety of complex patient cases and inspire residents to initiate their own quality improvement projects within the community. Residents are exposed to a variety of healthcare facilities in the community and have the option to select several electives such as gastroenterology, nephrology,  and community medicine.


Tucson is best known for its vibrant art scene, ancient culture, and outdoor adventures. For culinary enthusiasts, Tucson was the first U.S. UNESCO City of Gastronomy and is well known for its diverse cuisine. Tucson has nine months of beautiful weather and hundreds of unique hiking trails such as Sabino Canyon, Mt. Lemmon and the world-famous Saguaro National Park.


Our Mission 

To train highly competent clinicians to serve our community, who are patient and family focused, while providing compassionate, innovative, evidence – based care that is comprehensive and affordable for our underserved population.

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