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Training Sites

MHC Healthcare Family Medicine Residency Program aspires to expose residents to a diverse set of patients from different demographics and backgrounds. The MHC Healthcare Ina Health Center is designated as the main resident training site. This integrated facility permits residents to care for their continuity patients in an environment where collaboration between behavioral health and medical clinicians is common. The selected MHC Healthcare resident training sites (listed below) provide residents with a stimulating, inclusive and high-quality training environment that motivates residents to ask questions and gain hands-on skills.

MHC Healthcare Internal Sites:

MHC Healthcare Ina Health Center (Main Training Site)

MHC Healthcare Oro Valley Pediatrics 

MHC Healthcare Obstetrics and Women’s Health

Marana Main Health Center

Partnering Sites

MHC Healthcare Family Medicine Residency Program is proud to have partnered with the healthcare facilities listed below. These participating sites provide residents the opportunity to be taught by well-respected physicians and specialists throughout the community.

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