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Our Curriculum

The MHC Healthcare Family Medicine Residency Program curriculum aims to provide residents with a stimulating, inclusive, and high-quality training environment that allows residents to thrive and discover their specific career interests as they relate to family medicine. In correlation with the program’s mission to train diverse, highly competent, community-focused primary care physicians, MHC Healthcare is committed to teaching residents how to identify social determinants of health and its impact on patient health outcomes.

During the course of the three-year residency, residents will continue to increase their patient care and administrative responsibilities within both outpatient and inpatient settings. The MHC Healthcare Family Medicine Residency Program strives to guide residents as they meet their learning milestones each PGY-year. Our program curriculum encourages residents to become lifelong learners who are committed to displaying excellent leadership and communication skills with patients, colleagues and other members of the healthcare team.


Didactics will be offered either in-person or via virtual sessions every Thursday for a total of 4 hours (1 half day).


Rotation Schedule

PGY-1 Rotation Schedule

  • Inpatient Medicine - 8 weeks

  • OB/GYN - 4 weeks

  • ICU - 4 weeks

  • Surgery - 4 weeks

  • Cardiology - 4 weeks

  • Procedure/Night Float - 4 weeks

  • Emergency Medicine - 4 weeks

  • SUD/OUD/Pain Management - 4 weeks

  • Outpatient Family Medicine - 4 weeks

  • Musculoskeletal - 4 weeks

  • Outpatient Pediatrics - 4 weeks

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